Jason Grisell is a self-taught artist based in New York City. Growing up on the west coast, Grisell found himself connected to a certain realm of music, zine culture, folk art, and the mystique of the streets. A hyper-productive artist, Grisell is contantly creating new paintings, collages, music, and films. Albums released under the names ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Harmony and Pollution’, acting in independent films, directing, writing and producing as a co-founder of Magic Square Films, the output is meditative, mythical, humorous, vibrant, and defiant — all at the same time.

Painting an indifferent note of organic form, creeping further into the foreground. If the answer is yes, we again bring to mind the example of the piano in the dual sound of spiritual accord...there is nothing which yearns more for beauty. The slightest change in it’s component parts alters it completely. Confronted with the question,,,, we utterly abandon everything, and throw it to the winds to reveal it’s appeal of material and non-matter. Every spoken word, how far does it give full expression? Art parts combination of concealment and veiling with the terrors of emotion looking to the abundance of forms and greater possibility of expression. Susceptible to inner values emphasis is not born to the untouchable, but the spiritual atmosphere. A dragon, a red horse, emancipated from the denials of the essential differences in art, low and unworthy habits, hate, institutional pathways and genteel professions. Buried at the crossroads with a stake through my heart or ashes thrown into the ocean...fear for your soul while superficial explanations fly...forgotten graves release equally forgotten spirits. External symbols creating inner sounds offering a destructive or guiding hand striving freely. —Jason Grisell